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To our customers,
In my eyes you are the most important part of our company. I feel you should know that you can count on Scale Warehouse.Net and its employees to put to use all of their knowledge and expertise to help you in any way with your business solution.

I also invite you to speak with me personally if you feel that we have not lived up to the standards of excellence you and your company deserve and expect.

Thank you for considering us to be your partner in profit and progress!


Jim Archetko
General Manager

Do I pay tax?

Scale Warehouse.Net is located in New York. All scales shipped to a New York Address must pay sales tax according to there county sales tax rate.

When will my scale be shipped?

Most scales are shipped the day you order them or the next day. More complicated scale programs may require more time.

Please visit the Shipping Information page for a more detailed description of our shipping process.

Will my scale be ready to use?

Yes, we calibrate all scales before they leave our warehouse. You will still need to contact your local weights and measures department.

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